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Here you can find every living or undine creature you meet in the lands, except to the races of the arilonians. Furthermore we added the phenomena you can die to and tips where to search those fallens. If you want to know more about a creature, select a subcategory and click on the name of the monster (not on the picture!).

If you want to have an overview of all monsters you should look here: all monsters.

Furthermore there is the alphabetical overview of all monsters.


Flying critters

The flying critters contain the birds,the bats and the insects. Although none of them can actually fly over water of over your head, most of them are way more agile than enemies dependand on their feet.


In this subcategory you will find vermine, feline monsters, bears, monkeys and more. Most of them are covered with precious fur, which propably makes them the most hunted beasts in the world.


The Orga are one of the biggest famlilies in Arindal. Smaller individuals can be found in nearly every forest, but in the northwest of our world, at the Orgacamps, you can find way bigger and stronger Orga with different abilities living there.


The 'Ona contain the relatively harmless Ona Chigger you meet everywhere near the town centre as well as the enourmously strong Scarmis, the homeland of which hasn´t been discovered yet.


These eightlegged creatures can be found in nearly all parts of the world in the most different shapes and colours. Some are scavengers, others deadly enemies, some live in dark caves, others on misty plateaus. The knowlegde which arachnoid you are facing can make the difference between death and life.


Myrm are the socially best structured monster family living in Arindal. Except for their scouts they can be found in their myrmhives, where they share tasks. Some Myrm defend against the invaders, others wait for them to die to get them as food for the others. The Queen even has an own royal household guarding her eggs.

Slugs and worms

Here you find the 'Slugs, who prefer dark, wet caves. Only exception may be the Giantslug, which can be found all around the town centre.


In this subcategory you´ll find the amphibia populating Arindal. The main representative may be the frog, but there are others like the Chabbyllus, who lives in sunken forest.


All around the world you stumble over the most different sorts of reptilia, like dragons, the Wyrm, Meshra, snakes or crocodiles. Most of them have a dense mail of scales, whoch makes it hard to kill them. On the other hand are the densest and biggest scales often the most precious ones.

Orks and Trools

Until now the mages could lift the miracle of the immense selfhealing abilities of the T'rool, the only thing that is know, is that there are those living at the fresh air and those living in one of the three tribes and both are not exactly friends.

Ghosts and undine

Some creatures in our world don´t accept their death and from the time of their death haunt the world as undine and ghosts or Skeletons. A specialty are monsters that can only be seen when it´s Halloween time, those are also listed here.


The Noth live in the dark caves under the mountains seperating the Kittyland sea from the Ardvell region. Until now not much of these little hooded creatures is known, except their ability to hover over the ground and their fearsome strength. To get an overview over their confusing names you should look here.

Pirates and robbers

Here you find lots of villains, who not only try to kill invaders but also like to search the pockets of killed opponents for some coins. Those are the Pirates at the western beach, the RobberKyttens in the northwest and the in the Ardvell-region. It's also wise to search theire pockets after killing them because they sometimes have coins with them (20 and amouts like that) thieves

Aquatic animals

From time to time adventurers will be forced to travel by boat to some place. Unfortunately lots of animals in the water make most of these trips a nuisance instead of a plasure and only a well aimed hit with your paddle may save you.


As the world became more dangerous some plants also learned how to defend themselves, mostly with thorns or poison. But some of them even learned how to live without roots and so can roam about freely. But beware of them, they are far from being weak without their roots!


In this category are all those monsters which don´t really fit in one of the categories above, if you don´t find the monster you seek, you might look in here.

Other phenomena

Sometimes arilonians don´t die of the attack of a critter but of something else. Here you find a list of things that can be dangerous too and where you may find the fallens.

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