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The Kittyland is a popular hunting ground for young and old. As it is inhabited by wild cats, cougars, boloks and mahas, this is the main hunting ground for each Arilonian in need of money, as they can recover plenty of furs.

Kittyland can be reached either by passing the stairs (important landmark, only way to get on the Kittyland plateau from the south) or by travelling through a magic Portal.

Kazadoom is a safe place 2 miles north of the stairs, where you can quite often see a Lepori, as you can purchase carrots here, which is the reason, why most Arilonians simply call this place Carrots.

Further to the north you reach the city of Kashoum, one of the biggest cities known. It is famous for its Fish-shop and the fightertrainer Ponthera.

Northeast of Kashoum you will encounter tigers, which is the reason this area is called Tigerland.

If you explore more of Kittyland you may also find two stony temples, several places to rent a boat and the way to Ardvell.

To get an idea about the structure of Kittyland, take a look on the world map.

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