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This article keeps track about the magic storms raging over Arilon from time to time. Mostly they are changing the shape of the world a little. Here you can see what the creators of the storms reveal and what the adventurers found out themselves.

Arindal version 53101 OpenBeta

Official Infos:

  • Finally: Pathfinding!
  • The Rainbow Pub opens it's doors.
  • New area, 1 area still not found.
  • Spawns in Tundra have changed.
  • Bison leather drops rebalanced.
  • Locus asks 5 coins again. Please do keep testing locating with the Finna!
  • New monsters, some new resources and items.
  • Bug with the very long (or very short, but that didn't get bugged Wink ) waiting time for the circle tests should be fixed.
  • Bug with Tandua should be fixed.
  • 4th circle items fixed.
  • There are a few new crystal types. 2nd circle enhancement crystals are not available yet. Crystals still can be sold for 100 coins.
  • The Cad can not be used in the circle tests. We're working on changes for some tests.

Infos from the adventurers:

Arindal version 51101 OpenBeta

Official Infos:

  • 4th circle test for fighters and healers.
  • Expansions of 2 areas. 1 new area is still not found.
  • New monsters and items.
  • The bugs with several items (like the clay shell) have been fixed.
  • Bug with the mage 2nd circle pants has been fixed.
  • German and Dutch translations should be up to date. French partly not.
  • Dark blue belt (not eatable, sorry) available.
  • Locating has been rebalanced again. Please test.
  • All kinds of bisons have a chance to drop leather.
  • Behind the scenes, there's much work done, both for the usual bugfixes as for commercial. (No, we still do not have a date for that). This is work for scripts, area expansions, items, advertising and so on.
  • Because of a partly broken item file, there was no time left to add all translations to all new items. There's no need to bug items that are not translated, they will be next update.

Infos from the adventurers:

  • VT has been enlarged, ladder going down in GVC
  • 3 grey dangerous looking closed towers on graveyard
  • 4th circle tests in hidden vale

Arindal Version 50801 (Beta)

Previous infos from Ziyal:

  • The usual small and big bugfixes.
  • Mage 2nd circle test!
  • 3 new areas.
  • New quest, some smaller side quests.
  • Old quests still running. Beware of demons!!!
  • Clay can be used at builders, and also has other uses.
  • New resources, increased spawns of existing ones.
  • Herb bag can contain more items.
  • White shirts have been sent to the laundry. If they still look as dirty as they were, try praying to the God-of-Laundry.
  • Price of cads has been reduced to 1500 coins. Those who already bought a cad will get the money they paid extra back during the coming weeks. There's no need to pray or bug. If you have bought a cad before version 50801, and don't get money back the coming 2-3 weeks, you can mail to There's no need to do this if you buy a cad after update 50801, I have a list of cad owners Wink.
  • Locating has been balanced again. Because locating still needs testing, but players rely mostly on Locus, he increased his price to 50 coins. He can locate a bit further now though.
  • New trainer for the next lessons in teeth-extraction, new trainer for blood-extraction.
  • The big nasty bug for the *kill 100 monsters within 5 minutes* quests should be solved. Please test!
  • We will test some healing potions during the coming weeks. They can NOT be created or bought yet, except the one in Ardvell.

Official Infos:

Infos from the adventurers:

  • new area beneath atwell: the sewers (with several new items, sellers, a quest...)
  • Blooddungeons even below sewers, lots of new monsters
  • trees like the one from Reizende got a new look inside
  • new buyers in the market
  • you can sell gold, silver, copper in the smithy
  • Locus range expanded to 10 snells, but costs now 50c
  • clay shell available in akvumi
  • Galea can be bought in Dinken
  • new teeth- and bloodtrainer found,see trainer

Arindal Version 50501 (Beta)

Storm from 20.08.2007 Official Infos:

  • Mages: Read the Mage-forum!
  • Some of under-the-hood fixes and improvements.
  • Team GM is back from their holidays and can't wait to make nice stuff!

Infos from the adventurers:

  • clothes bag is now displayed correctly
  • some improvements in residential area

Arindal Version 49901 (Beta)

Storm from 25.06.2007

Official Infos:

  • New areas.
  • Experience bug with Noths fixed.
  • Mages: Read the Mage-forum!
  • Lot of under-the-hood fixes and improvements.

Infos from the adventurers:

  • in west of Cercopsjungle is a new hut
  • clothes bag available in market
  • you can now buy gambling items 1E
  • partybeach features an improved changing room (could be like this for quite some time, though)

Arindal Version 49601 (Beta)

Storm from 04.06.2007

Official Infos:

  • Some new areas
  • Mages; sign up for your forum!
  • Some new monsters
  • Usual bugfixes

Infos from the adventurers:

  • market expanded, you can now buy "keyholder" for 175c
  • dyers have a new look, new (closed) rainbow pub
  • Tigercastle is now open
  • first clanbuilders appeared
  • you can check the things in a bag with /examine
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