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The Ardvell-region has been discovered only a little while ago and is located in the northeast. You can either reach it trough a maze ( description ) or by boat through a cave. The entrance of the maze can be reached if you walk always east from Kittyland-stairs. If you want to row to Ardvell, you best enter a boat 1N of the incense-seller-temple and row 3N, where you will find a cave in the eastern wall. Another possibility is to travel via portal to the most northeastern plateau.

A rough overview of Ardvell can be gotten here.

The Ardvellregion is quite big and can be structured in the following smaller areas:

  • Ardvell-Forest: You will enter ther forest right after you found your way through the maze. Here you will encounter Lupos and Ursos whose furs are worth quite a bit aswell as thieves who zero in on the adventurers purses and even build a fortress in the wood.
  • Ardvell-River: The river is quite shallow, even in the small boats you often feel like being stuck in the mud. From the forest it makes its way in a zigzagging course to the plateaus in the north, one arm leads to the Nothcaves and from there to the Kittyland-sea, the second entrance to Ardvell. In the muddy water of the river you will encounter several different enemies, such as the Meduso, the blood of which is mainly interesting for mages.
  • Kajmano-Plateau: On this swampy plateau in the southeast live Kajmanos and Meshras. But before you start your hunt you should watch out for devil leeches who can lurk everywhere in the high grass. In a safe you can buy a glass of swampbeer for 24 coins.
  • Thieves-Plateau: If you anchor your boat at the southwestern landing stage, you will encounter the same enemies as in the forest, some thieves even stronger than there. On this plateau the pilferer even built a fortress.
  • small (?) Plateau: The middle-plateau houses only some Ch'amaks and Ch'omaks or sometimes some Ardvell spiders and is mainly used as a side-entry to the Nothcaves.
  • Spider-Plateaus: The northern plateaus, which are connected with bridges are the home of the red Ardvell spiders. At the landing stage you find a rainy village, which is called Burh Fierlen. Around it some Ch'omaks and Ch'amaks can be hunted. On the plateaus can be found several orphaned huts and a huge trading station with lots of rooms right south of the portal.
  • Nothcaves: The caves between the Ardvell-plateaus and the Kittylandsea are behing housed by Noths and can either be reached from the middle plateau or from a landing stage at the river leading through them.
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