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This is a subcategory of the bestiary, additionally you find all monsters with pictures or an alphabetical overview of all monsters.



crippled Orga

Image:Dissensorga.PNG Image:Trotzorga.jpg Image:Furchtloserorga.png Image:Blutrauschorga.png Image:Orga-Schamane.gif
Orga Dissent Orga Spite Orga Fearless Orga Bloodrage Orga Shaman

normal Orga

Image:orga.gif Image:Orga-Krieger.gif Image:Blaeulicher_Orga.gif Image:ZealotOrga.gif Image:Orga-Warlock.PNG
Orga Orga Warrior Orga Anger Orga Zealot Orga Warlock
Image:Orgaberserker.PNG Image:Schierlingorga.png Image:Schnee-orga.png Image:Frostorga.gif Image:Aganaorga.png
Orga Berserker Orga Hemlock snow Orga Frost Orga Aganaorga

big Orga

Image:Orgamama.png Image:orga_berserker.gif Image:Schnee-Zerk.PNG Image:Grosser_Frostorga.png Image:Wutorga.gif
Orga Mama Orga Berserker snow Orga Berserk large Frost Orga Orga Rage
Image:Furie.gif Image:Furie.gif Image:Furie.gif Image:Furie.gif Image:Orga dredlock.gif
Orga Fury Orga Wrath Orga Frenzy Orga Hatred Orga Dredlock

giant Orga

dark Orga

special Orga

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