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Many different races live in and around Arilon. Every race has its own strenghts and weaknesses.

Still when choosing a race you should keep primarily roleplaying in your mind. Not every fighter has to be of a originally strong race, every starting difference can be catched up with some training.

Tip: Choose a race that you like playing. DIfferent starting attributes like strenght, balance, etc. are pretty fast amended with training. So keep in mind the longterm fun of roleplaying, as some starting advantages will soon be no longer such.

The looks of the races in movement can be seen for some races in the article poses.


image:azcatl_f1.gif The Azcatl are an intelligent, but not very strong race similar to Myrms. The lack of strength is hardly recognizable as they are miraclous masters of survivor. Especially their healers are mostly the last survivors in a dangerous situation. Sadly lots of Azcatl have a strange accent which is really hard to understand for most of the other races.

Azcatl means ant in the language of the Aztecs (Nahuatl).



image:elithren_f1.gif Elithren are a very old race. The small lack of strength is compensated by agility and by their mind. Not much is known about their origin or their history, but they have a traditional good taste for beauty. Their slender appearance and their sharp mind make them welcome members of every group.

Other names for them are (Half-)Elfes,...



image:hamini_f1.gif Have pity with him, who thinks Hamini are small and unimportant. Nobody is faster with the longsword or moonstone than a Hamini. Their small body makes it hard to hit them and so they dodge most attacks. Them being "overlooked" has turned out to be their greatest strength.

Another name for them is Halflings.



image:honestu_f1.gif Honestu are extremely adaptable, they can be found living nearly everywhere in the world. Be it a desert or an icy environment, the Honestu will survive anywhere. Honestus didn´t specialize in anything in particular, they can weild weapons as well as the moonstone. His adaptibility is what makes him unique.

Sometimes the Honestu are also called human.

image:honestu_f2.gif image:honestu_m2.gif


image:kyttyn_f1.gif While Honestu seem to descend from apes, Kyttyn clearly have catlike ancestors. Fast, agile and lovely, but also deadly. A kyttyns greatest pride is his fur, which they tend to show too often. They get distracted quite easily but if focussed they are fearsome enemies. If you make one an enemy, you´ve made yourself all an enemy.

Other names for them are Fen'Neko,...

image:kyttyn_f2.gif image:kyttyn_m2.gif


image:lepori_f1.gif The long ears, the wiry body, the distinctincisors and the fluffy fur resemble some relation with rabbits and indeed Lepori have. Lepori are nearly all addicted to carrots, like being petted and are said to have enormous mental abilities. Bad tongues say, that this is only said because every physical ability of a Lepori is not really admirable. This is the main reason why members of this groundliking race fall so often.

Some also call Lepori rabbits or bunnies.



image:maqua_f1.gif Maquas always had a special relation to the sea. Originated from waterroots Maquas are famous for their mariner- and fishingskills. Many common tales include a bright Maqua healer or mage an important role, some also speak of fearless Maqua fighters. Maquas mostly stick together and share their knowledge among each other which makes most of them quite intelligent. Their curiosity leads them everywhere in the world. They aren´t amongst the best scientists of all races for no reason.

Sometimes they are also referred to as Thoom.



image:sirrush_f1.gif Strong, not very intelligent, but full of tricks. The alternative to a fighting Drakh Nor and an uncommon healerrace. Sadly there is not much known about their origin and history.

In babylonian history Sirrush are snake-like creatures with a scaly head, a snakes skin, the forelegs of a cat and the hind legs of a bird.



image:urdar_f1.gif Small, strong and drunken. These are the main charactertraits of an Urdar. Most Urdar are pretty selfconfident and stick to their opinion, which they tell loudly and defend harsh. In general they are brave and loyal people. Many of them gained incredible strength from the hard work in their pits, others from constantly carrying around a barrel of urdar beer. As loud and insulting an Urdar can be, he´ll go through hell if he has an aim.

Sometimes they are also called dwarves.

image:urdar_f2.gif image:urdar_m2.gif

Drakh Nor

image:drakhnor_f1.gif Drakh Nor have the biggest and strongest bodies of all the races. The many rough and wild regions this race has survived made them strong and though. Many of those underestimating the strength of a Drakh Nor didn´t survive the encounter to tell about it. Some tales even speak about fallens being rescued from Drakh Nor healers. In a fight a Drakh Nor will never give up.

Another name for them is Ghorak Zo.



Although most starting attributes can be levelled within few weeks of training at the different trainers it would be wrong to conceal them:

Race Health Balance Defense Strength Accuracy Spirit Spiritrecovery Mental strength Title other attributes
Azcatl  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? *1
Elithren - + o + - o  ?  ?  ?  ?
Hamini o - +++ - -- +++  ?  ?  ?  ?
Honestu o o o o o o o o + 30 none
Kyttyn -- + o - o o  ?  ?  ?  ?
Lepori - ++ -- - -- ++ o ++  ?  ?
Maqua ++ o - - o +++  ?  ?  ?  ?
Sirrush  ?  ? ++  ?  ?  ?  ?  ? ± 0  ?
Urdar + o + + + --  ?  ?  ? *2
Drakh Nor ++ - - ++ +++ -  ?  ?  ?  ?

+++ = excelent; ++ = very good; + = good; o = average; - = weak; -- = very weak; ? = unsure

  • 1 = can be healed very fast
  • 2 = superb natural selfheal

Further sources of information

Another very good source of information about the different races, their background and their habits can be seen at the official race descriptions on the Arindal-homepage.

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