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No matter if you walk alone through the world or with a bigger group, the aim is mostly not only to gather experience by vanquishing lots of monsters or finding certain items, but also clearly adding to ones money stockpile, be it treasured in the bank or carried around in a purse.

Of many slain beasts parts of the body or simply the act of slaying it are worth some coins that the adventurers pocket immediately. If you are hunting alone you get the full amount into your own pocket. If more than one person is in a snell when a monster is killed, the coins are equally shared, whereas those who actually killed the monster are being favoured. Next are those who are being shared by the killers, those without a share usually get nothing. If the money can´t be devided fair, some people may get less or more than others, but this balances pretty fast on hunts.

In the same way that critters differ a lot from each other so does the loot you gain from them. There are fur, scales, teeth, blood, juice, bounty and chests to be captured and turned into money from the adventurers.

For some of these there are trainers who can teach adventurers how to collect more valuable loot more often. Pellia will teach you the art of skinning a monsters fur, Skalio teaches yo how to recover more valuable scales and Globinus is a skilled collector of blood. Healers have the additional option to learn how to extract the teeth from a monster from Tandui, who teaches the basics of this art and Tandua for skilled "dentists".

If you have recovered a certain amount of booty of one kind, for example skinned several furs, you get a little experience as a gratification. Some monsers even drop special items, where every adventurer in sight of the item when it is collected gets a little experience and 3 coins are being shared among them.

Booty Trainer Short description to be recovered from
Fur Pellia Furs exist in varying sizes, colours and forms. As a big fraction of the creatures has a fur which can be skinned by skilled Arilonians these are the main source of income for nearly every adventurer. Monster from the Category Fur, for example: Vermine, Cats, Ferals etc.
Scales Skalio Scaly enemies aren´t as common as hairy ones, but scales of a dragon or a cobra are often far more valuable than the most common furs. Monster from the Category Scales, for example: Dragons, Crocodiles and Snakes etc.
Teeth Tandui,
Especially on hunts in the queen chambers of the myrmhives or on spiderhunts healer with some skill in extracting teeth are welcome, as this guarantuees a small, but pretty steady source of income on these expeditions. Monster from the Category teeth, for example: Spiders, Myrms and Lobsters
Blood Globinus The extracting of this valuable body fluid can be quite lucrative when hunting fully grown T'rools or hunting in the blood dungeon. Monster from the Category Blood, for example: Bats, Orks and Trools and Lorrs
Juice --- The extracting of juice is a rather seldom booty of adventurers, mainly because hunting the associated monsters are no popular prey. Monster from the Category Juice, for example: slugs and worms and Onas
Bounty --- Although no one knows who made the bounty on the heads of some of the monsters, it is paid right after killing the monster and can be quite high for some of the tougher ones. Monster from the Category Bounty, for example: some birds, spooky creatures, Pirates, Robberkyttens and dangerous Orgas
Chest --- Big and powerful monsters sometimes drop a chest after their death. If an adventurer walks over it an additional experiencebonus and some coins are beng devided between all those in sight of the chest. Monster from the Category Chest, for example: Zerks, Rages, Furies and Grendels
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