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Coins are the currency in Arindal. A common abbreviation is c, if someone talks about "25c" he means 25 coins. Everything that can be purchased somewhere, be it food, clothes or even houses costs a certain amount of coins.Weapons and armour require next to coins some items. Coins can also be used to advance building sites.

Coins can be earned on many different ways. You can either recover parts of the bodies of killed monsters, sell most of the items to special merchants or other Arilonians or try to increase your wealth with gambling in the prison or at the pirates. Zifer also offers a lottery with a huge jackpot.

You can either carry your money with you or treasure it at the bank. This costs a little fee and features no interests but in return your money is safe from spriggins and other thieves who loot you when they defeat you. On the other hand you may not have the needed money for something if you explore a new seller. No matter which way you prefer, you should always think about buying a purse. It´s cheap and makes life harder for the pilferers and onyl with a purse you can contribute money at a building site.

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