Flying critters

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This is a subcategory of the bestiary, additionally you find all monsters with pictures or an alphabetical overview of all monsters.


Flying critters


Image:Aasvogel.gif Image:Aasvogel.gif Image:GrosserAasvogel.gif Image:Voluc.gif Image:Carc.gif
Scavenger Bird snow grouse Large Scavenger Bird Voluc Carc
Image:Blutfalke.PNG Image:Geier.png Image:Geier.png Image:Saebeleule.gif Image:Lorr.gif
Bloodhawk Vulture Common Vulture Saber Owl Lorr


Image:Blaue_fledermaus.gif Image:Kleine Fledermaus.gif Image:Big bat.JPG Image:Lil bat.JPG Image:Kleine Blaue Fledermaus.gif
Blue Cavebat Small Cavebat Bat Bat Small blue Cavebat
Image:Kleine Fledermaus.gif
Lith Bat


Image:Heuschrecke.png Image:klgrille.png Image:Heuschrecke.png Image:Heuschrecke.png Image:Mantis.gif
Island Locust small Cricket Cricket Tundra Locust Mantis
Image:Sandwespe.gif Image:Toedliche_Wespe.png Image:Wespe.png Image:fehlt.png Image:rotelibelle.gif
Sandwasp Deadly Wasp Wasp Dragonfly red Dragonfly
Image:Co_Acha.gif Image:Schabe.gif
Co'Acha Roach
Image:Scarabkaefer.png Image:Goldskarabeus.png Image:Feuerkaefer.png Image:fehlt.png
Scarab Beetle Scarab Beetle Fire Beetle Stinging Beetle
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