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The Bear Woods are located southeast of town center. Although it is not very broad it measures nearly 10 miles from north to south.

Interested explorers can enter the Ursus Woods by passing the Black Hills or the Forgotten Woods to the east. Despite adders and different Vermines you will mainly find the Bears which gave the wood its name. Mainly quite experienced adventuerers hunt here for valuable furs and honey combs. However to get them you have to find one of the rare Honeybears and this bear has to come from a plundering of a beehive. For some honey combs you get a glass of honey in Kijiji which is needed to get a longsword.

In the midst of the wood lies a well protected town named Ursusville. Several traders and trainers live here.

In the south of the wood lies the entrance to the Ursuscaves, a system of caves inhabited by bears and the way to the 2nd circle fighter test and Elyas bar.

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