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In these categorys you will find nearly all people you may meet during your adventures.


List of trainers

Everything about the trainers and the pros and cons of their training can be found in the article trainer.

List of important persons

Here you will find all the persons who are important or even crucial for the history of our country. They all are (or were) part of major events of our world.

Listof people offering quests

Here you find a list of people who offer small quests to the single adventurer.

List of buying merchants

Here you will find a list of all merchants who buy certain items from you.

Listof trading merchants

Here you can check, which merchant trades certain items against another.

List of sellers

Here you find a list of all the sellers in the world.

Inhabitants of Arilon

Here you will find a list of all Inhabitants of Arilon (after the big storm).

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