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The town center of Arilon is the place where nearly all of the social life of Arindal takes place. Most people come here after they stopped meditating, plan their hunts, are relaxing or just talking to each other. The clean pavement, the comfortable smooth grass and the beautiful well create a cozy atmosphere.

the town center is the geographical reference to every coordinate given in the game. If not specified else, statements like "1W 5S" always mean 1 snell west and 5 snells south of the town center.

Other important buildings here are the guild halls of the three professions, the huts of several public trainers and the tree, where one will meet Reizende most of the time.

The neighbouring snells in the south and east do belong to the city of Arilon aswell. Important buildings, such as the bank, the meditationtower, the arena, the market and the smithy can be found here, aswell as some Merchants (trading cloth, selling armour, buying crystals, selling houses and many more).

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