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The Circles

In Arindal every character can gain not only ranks but also advance to higher circles of his profession, which mark important milestones in the career of everyone. Every adventurer who becomes a member of one of the professions is from now on a member of the first circle.

To become a member of a higher circle the adventurer has to pass a test. Fighters have to kill some monsters in a limited amount of time and without any healerhelp. Healers have to raise a fallen while being chased by several critters. How mages achieve the status of a higher circle is unknown, but there is also some kind of test involved.

Reaching a higher circle in most cases means the opportunity to train with new trainers of your profession or the ability to wear and use special items. Fighters can´t learn to increase their damage before the 2nd circle, as Laedo Ledo only teaches those who have passed at least the 2nd circle fighter test. Healers can´t use their Ring of Salyno until they passed the 2nd circle, mainly because the training required for it can´t be attained until then.

A circle-test can only be tried once every Arilonian month (which is about one ooc week).

What exactly the requirements and rewards of each circle test are, can be read on the pages of the fighters and healers.

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