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Description: The Howling Woods are a quite large forest in the north of Arilon and encloses the local massive mountains from three sides. It is well known for its varitey of wolf-cultures, who may offer enormous profit to skilled hunters. But as most healers and mages have a hard time hitting these agile creatures, hunts there are not very common, most people only pass the woods to get to better hunting grounds like the Orgacamps, Bisonland or even the Tundra. Another enemy in this forest is the common vermine in all its sizes.

Surrounding: The forest can be roughly categorized in a western area, the border of which is marked by the river, which may have a subterranean connection to the Fenith. This area is one of the most used ways to the Autumnwood and from there on to the Orgacamps. The Wolfden is in this area aswell. To the west the landscape slowly changes to the Infested forest.

The eastern area can only be reached through a small passage if you come from the south. Travellers on their way to Varpi Woods and from there on to Kittyland or Wendieland have to cross a small strip of the eastern edge of the wood and may be surprised by several wolves.

These two parts are connected by a splitted strip of denser forest, where often large wolves can be found.

The northern part of the forest can b reached through a passage in the east. The most important spot here is the entrance to the northern myrmhive which also leads to the caves of Ophion and to Bisonland and the Tundra.

Prominent places: Important landmarks are Leilahs hut at the bridge leading into the Varpi Wood and Rrohans hideout. Another important thing to mention are the tunnels connecting the huts close to the mountain in their midst.

Items: Despite of all the wolves lots of merchants have settled down in Howling Woods. Those daring to travel here may purchase clothes like orange shoes and trousers, dark green shirts or pants made from wolfskin. Of course travelling makes thisty so you may also want to buy barrels with mead, coffee or goatmilk.

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