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Description: Ophion is a town of Maquas. They like the cave for the high air moisture and the darkness aswell as the small distance to water. Lots of slugs share their environment and serve as a main nourishment for the inhabitants of Ophion.

How to get here: The way here is not only pretty far but also hard to describe. First you have to pass the Howling Woods, go past Leilah and search for the northern myrmhive. Inside the hive you have to keep northeast until you reach a ladder, which you have to climb. After that enter the boats and row through the waterfall inside the caves and land here. Now you have to pass this cave and the next to the east and you are in Ophion.

Items: Glass of slugslime (19c), strange crystal for healers, Sausage (11c), mushroom blue pants (193c), Pair of Leatherbracers

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