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The Wendieland is an area of grassy valleys in the east. It can be reached through a little passage some miles east of Leilahs tower. In many places the rocks of the heights are pretty loose and sometimes tumble down and block the way through a valley. Arilonians tend to dig a way with their weapons, but as this is not very safe, many of them have been wounded or even died of a rock falling on their heads. The region is inhabited by all kinds of Wendeckas, apelike creates. Whereas the most common Wendecka shouldn´t be much of a problem for a fighter, a Bloodback-Wendecka or even an impressive Silverback-Nightwendecka can kill entire groups in a manner of seconds. Therefore hunting groups should not only know the region but also have some experience in luring dangerous monsters.

Despite the dangers the Wendieland is a popular hunting ground because of the experience that can be gained here aswell as the rare chance to recover an intact skull of a dead Wendecka. Another good reason for travels here is Torba, who sells useful bags to keep your inventory in order or a hut, where one can have his skin colour completely changed.

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