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Description: The Infested forest is the name of the woody area northwest of Arilon. Its name origins from the time, when Merown, a malicious mage, tried to extract all the energy of the forest for his own purpuses, which resulted in the death of lots of trees. Luckily his laboratory in the vermine tree was found and destroyed and Gustav was able to brew a healing potion for the forest. You can read more about this in the official board.

The forest itself is inhabited by rather weak creatures, which is the reason why most people only pass through the woods to reach better hunting grounds, some of them are located in the forest itself, like the Wolfden, the myrmhive or the vermine tree. In the northern part of the forest lies the hideout of the robberkyttens, which can only be accessed with a password, which is unknown at the moment.

The dense trees deny the passage to some other snells, which results in many adventurers getting lost. To prevent this, take a look on the world map.



Trainer: Pellia

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