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There is not much public knowledge about mages, but here you will find the most common tales about them.


Image:Mystic2.gif The mage guild Image:Mystic2.gif

The mages in Arindal can´t achieve very much when being alone, but nevertheless they are an important and welcome member of every hunting party. Alghough they can´t heal at all and not fight very well, they have other specialties which make them unique. Some mages have the ability to tame beasts for a little time by chaining them. Other are able to boost the attributes of the group members or weaken monsters. Other important skills are the ability to open portals to far huntinggrounds or the art of awakening strange crystals and mount them on weapons or armour.

Becoming a mage

First steps

Magehood can´t be taken as easily as one of the other professions. First you have to be prepared to endure long times of frustration and no visible progress.

It is highly recommended to get to know the world and its nature before you give it a try to become a mage. Even the [ official homepage] recommends to first play a healer or fighter to get to know Arilon and its surroundings. As mage apprentices are rather weak and their search is mostly a lonely one it will help if you already know most of the monsters you will meet, as you can minimize the number of deaths if you knwo how to get rid of which monster.

Image:Modrigerstab.gif The apprenticeship

How do i become mage? This question can´t really be answered, as all those who managed to find the way are keeping the secret. Mage apprentices can be met nearly all over the world. They are always racing about and searching for hints that may help them, sometimes with groups and more often alone. If you want to try it nevertheless, you should maybe listen for some time to Corpus and have a look around. Maybe you will find some hints and tipps how the mages in the world found their path. It is highly unlikely that you will find out from the mages themselves, so better don´t bother them with vast numbers of questions.

Many apprentices get frustrated by a constantly breaking musty staff and the helplessness when facing all the monsters. This is something that can´t be avoided and is the same for every apprentice and more than ever for full mages. IF you don´t like phases of no progress the profession of a mage will surely be nothing you will have fun at. Take this warning serious:It does not get any better once you made it!

Image:Stab.gif Finally mage!

Those who made it despite all the obstacles and the long way can be sure of the respect of all those who tried it aswell. The whole community admires the dedication and patience it takes to make it to full magehood. But mages live from keeping secrets. It has been told that chatterboxes have been thrown out of the guild already. Mages get their energy from knowledge, from listening to others and keeping their eyes open, not from long speeches or explanations to others.

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