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Bisonland is a huge pasture in the north. The way here is quite long and dangerous, as one first has to pass the caves of Ophion and then manage to get past the Grendels.

But once you managed to get there the prairie lies open in front of you. Bisons and steppe wolves(?) are not only challenging prey, they also have pretty valuable furs. From time to time you may also encounter a steppe cobra(?) lurking in the grass, which may be a bad surprise for small or unexperienced groups.

In the midst of the plains a little village of tents lies at a lake. It is called Kijiji and its inhabitants trade with natural products such as honey and bison milk.

In the eastern rock wall there is the entrance to a system of caves leading to the Tundra even furth north. In the southeast there is a picturesque village mainly interesting for mages as they can buy an Eyota here.

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