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Here you can see all merchants who will buy excessive goods. They are sorted by the place they can be found at.

More important persons.



Image Name Buys Value
Image:Norrkin.png Norrkin mice ears 2 coins
Image:Maritza.png Maritza ona glands 2 coins
Image:Byron.png Byron bat wings 2 coins
Image:Elzemieke.png Elzemieke vermine tails 3 coins
Image:Fotis.png Fotis Alligatorhide 6 coins
Image:Tadeo.png Tadeo Hyena-leather 7 coins
Image:Xiaoling.png Xiaoling Kajmanohide 12 coins
Image:Dandan.png Dandan red spidereggs 12 coins
Image:Zhu.png Zhu tusks 13 coins
Image:Medved.png Medved bear meat 13 coins
Image:Murrauw.png Murraw maha claws 100 coins
Image:Claeg.png Claeg Clay 2 coins
Image:Lapje.png Lapje rat tail 5 coins
Image:Sulphya.png Sulphya Sulphur
Image:Ysbail.png Ysbail blood stone
Image:Kiik.png K'i'ik Drop of blood 4 coins
Image:Akka.png Akka Dung


Image Name Buys Value
Image:Gylden.png Gylden Piece of gold 75 coins
Image:Silfren.png Silfren Piece of silver 50 coins
Image:Kupra.png Kupra Piece of copper 25 coins


Image Name Buys Value
Image:Chochuc.png Chochuc Myrmegg ? coins
Image:Chachucha.png Chachucha Myrmudrysegg ? coins
Image:Chochacha.png Chochacha Carmyrmusegg 20 coins

Satu Saru

Image Name Buys Value
Image:Xaviera.png Xaviera Lorr-Feather 10 coins
Image:Marilou.png Marilou Zitrin ? coins


Image Name Buys Value
Image:Ran.png Ran brown spores ? coins
Image:Pelagia.png Pelagia blue spores ? coins
Image:Prutter.png Prutter white berries ? coins
Image:Zooie.png Zooie Afferas ? coins


Image Name Buys Value Place
Image:Urghul.png Urghul spider legs 2 coins Tower in Abandoned Town
Image:fehlt.png Flips Wendeckaskulls ? coins Cave in southeast-Wendieland
Image:Yazza.png Yazza cat claws 4 coins Kashoum
Image:Brian.png Brian horseleather ? coins north of three valleys
Image:Yim.png Yim healing potion 10 coins sunken forest
Image:Tirawa.png Tirawa Bisonleaher 7 coins Kijiji
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