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The market is located 1S of town center in the north near the river. This wooden house live lots of merchants buying items from you, trading them or selling stuff. The market is an important place you young adventurers, as it can be a good soucre for their first coins.


These are the merchants in detail:

List of buyers

Name buys amount
Image:Norrkin.png Mice ear 2 coins
Image:Maritza.png Ona glands 2 coins
Image:Byron.png batwings 2 coins
Image:Elzemieke.png vermine tails 3 coins
Image:Fotis.png alligatorhide 6 coins
Image:Tadeo.png hyenaleather 7 coins
Image:Xiaoling.png kajmanoskin 12 coins
Image:Dandan.png red spidereggs 12 coins
Image:Zhu.png tusks 13 coins
Image:Medved.png bear meat 13 coins
Image:Murrauw.png maha claws 100 coins

List of sellers

Name sells / trades amount / items
Image:Dulgar.png iron wood 3 mice ears and 3 ona glands
Image:Clau.png key ring 175 coins
Image:Susanu.png herb bag 250 coins and 3 pieces of leather
Image:Xibalba.png lunchbox 250 coins and 3 pieces of cloth
Image:Appotus.png beverage bandolier 250 coins and 3 pieces of leather
Image:Lorenzo.png clothes bag 400 coins and 3 pieces of cloth
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