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Description: Kashoum is one of the largest towns in the lands. It stretches across 6 snells and shelters lots of merchants and cathunters. The felines are the center of everydays life in Kashoum, anyway. The inhabitants make clothes of the furs and some eat their meat. But this is only done for private use, as the business of selling fish seems to be ,more lucrative. Kashoum features the biggest (and only) shop where one may buy fish.

How to get here: To count the miles is not easy, but a good rule is to pass Carrots, walk over the bridge 1N 1E of it and then always keep the rocky wall to your right and you will finally reach Kashoum. If you take a look on the map, you will understand, why it doesn´t make sense to talk about directions.

Items: Himmelsbaiser (10c), Glas Vaxia (22c), Schokoladendrops (5c), Feuerflunder (19c), Schellfisch (11c), Dorsch (7c), Rachzahn (24c)

Trainer: Fightertrainer Ponthera

Merchants: 3 cat claws for 1 yarn and you may sell cat claws

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