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The sunken forest is the name of a system of caves below the surface of the south forest. Entrances down here are located 1W 7S and 1E 9S.

As the caves lie pretty deep below the surface it´s rather dark down here, which is the main reason why hunting groups may be surprised by a Chabyllus suddenly appearing in front of them, as they are perfectly camouflaged with their black skin. Most other creatures down here, like Chub-Ochuks or Potaks have a greenish skin, which can be recognized easy, but that doesn´t make fighting them much easier. Despite the high moisture only few plants survive down here due to the lack of sunlight. Those that grow often defend themselves with thorns or poisonous spores. If you are lucky you may even find some Kraskajos, which the Arilonians like because of their slowness and yet good experience.

Although it is not always easy in the dark, hunters should keep their eyes wide open and eventually they will find lilaberries, wood or a bunch of red grapes. In one of the safe caves a Maqua sells healing potions, but they only have an effect when being drunken right in the cave. Fashion-vistims may buy two kinds of shirts down here, black and potak-green ones.

Manpower created artificial caves which lead down to the lavaland which is on an even deeper level.

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