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Terasia is the name of a region only recently discovered and therefore not well known. It was discovered when some brave adventurers explored the sea around the boat place with the magic porting stone leading into the dragon caves (little green dot on the map). Tests with the Finna proved the guess of many Arilonians that this island does not lie anywhere close to the other parts of the known world. The portal stone leading to the boats stands in a cave in the east of the dunes.

The island of Terasia is a huge landmass east of the boat place. Until now a magic portal place has been discovered, aswell as several buyers and sellers. Scrolls found in saffes tell of a dragon living in the mountains and a strong magic in the lands.

The sandy region discovered is home to several different Tiggas and the Leopard aswell as some lobsters and the lesser sandworm. If this name was given to it by an enourmously strong warrior or if it is simply a joke is unknwon, but this worm is far stronger than the large sandworm found in the dunes.


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