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In general there are two kinds of quests that can be handled from a single adventurer:

  • You get the task to kill a certain amount of a specific monster in limited time. Be careful, the time is given in Arilonian minutes!
  • The person ask all inhabitants of Arilon to collect a certain amount of an item for him.


Image Name Task Reward Place
Image:Onarill.png Onarill Kill 40 Ona-Chigger in 30 minutes. 30 coins and some experience Arilon, 1S
Image:Muskaptilo.png Muskaptilo Kill 50 mice in 20 minutes. 20 coins and some experience Arilon, 1E
Image:Minvrin.png Minvrin Kill 60 vermine in 30 minutes.  ? Arilon, 1S 1E
Image:Betsie.png Betsie Kill 40 Small bats (not the blue ones!) in 20 minutes.  ? Batcave 1E 1N
Image:Prantha.png Prantha Kill 30 Island panthers in 120 minutes.  ? south forest, 5S 3E
Image:fehlt.png Ch'o Kill 50 brown or black rats in 30 minutes. 40 coins and some experience Sewers


Image Name Searches Reward Place
Image:Barthold.png Barthold 400 (?) Wolfskins  ? Heulender Wald, 8N 1W
Image:Frizo.png Frizo 20 bottles of Chateau Loredan to go  ? Beergarden, 1N 1E
Image:Odgar.png Odgar 40 tusks  ? Burh Fierlen
Image:Eliabella.png Eliabella 147 Topas to go  ? town center
Image:Shig.png Shig 47 books of leather to go  ? , advanced library when finished town center

More important persons.

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