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Experience is, as in nearly every other roleplaying game, the key to gain ranks and with this grow stronger.

How do i gain experience?

Most of your experience will be won from slaying beasts, some of it directly, some indirectly. Firstly you get experience for every monster you helped killing. This can be recognized from the note "You have dispatched a vermine." or "You helped killing a cougar." displayed in your info-sction and the textlog. A byproduct of these hunts is experience gained from treasures. These can be items dropped by a monster or chests, which give experience to everyone in sight. All this experience is shared with those you established a mental link with. Please note that the experience is not actually shared, you still get the full 100%, the parts that your shares get are a community bonus. Especially healers and mages are dependent on this form of gaining experience.

Another way to get more experienced is to accomplish a small quest, be part of the big Quests or donate building material at building sites. Repeated revoering of loot also gives some experience.

If you can´t walk in the lands, you should meditate in the meditation tower, which helps to gain experience even when not being online.

Where do i get the most experience?

This question can´t be answered in general, but there are some guidelines to stick to. The most important one is to keep an eye on the messages you get when killing a monster. There are four different expressions, which tell you a lot about the value of your kill. These are: vanquish, kill, dispatch, slaughter. Vanquished monsters of one kind give more experience than killed ones of the same kind and those give more than dispached ones. If you slaughter a monster, you don´t get any experience at all. No one knows exactly how much experience can be won from which monster. Experience from quests and chests may also vary a lot.

To stop strong fighters from gaining tons of by killing very weak monsters, there is the so-called "slaughterrate". This causes monsters to drop from the "vanquished"- to the "slaughter"-category with growing ranks of yourself. Different Trainers have different effects on the speed your "slaughterrate" worsens. The profession you choose also has strong influence on it. Fighters have the best slaughterrate, healers the worst.

How do i get ranks for my experience?

In contrast to many other roleplaying games you have to decide what you want to train before you have the experience to gain the next rank. To do so, you have to talk to a trainer and accept being his student. As long as you don´t talk to another trainer, all your experience will be used to get better at the lectures of the trainer you last talked to.

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