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The beergarden is an area protected by fences and is located northeast of town center. It features lots of seats to sit down relaxed, cozy lamps for nights and several itersting houses:

  • Bardhouse: The bardhouse is the place where new stars are being born, as it´s the only place where bard apprentices can practice with insturments lend by the bards and compose their own songs. Full bards may order new instruments here. On the bar you can purchase a bowl of honey milk for 10 coins if you have a sore throat or just want to relax.
  • Theatre: The theatre features a stage and room for plenty of visitors. To enhance the illusions of the actors they can lend a constume for only 5 coins, which they have to give back when leaving the theatre. A periodic event taking place here is the drawing of the lottery.
  • calm huts: In one of the huts some comrades have eaten too much mushroomsoup. This didn´t cause sickness, but hallucinations. You can take a seat in between the relaxed adventurers. In the other hut you may sit next to some guys drinking a beer.
  • Bar: The bar features seats for rainy days or cool nights. Bartender Aluura offers red wine for 12 coins a glass.
  • Brewery: The brewery is currently closed, much to the dissatisfaction of most Urdar.
  • Clanhouse: Here you can found a Clan or add new members to an already existing one.

In the open you may also find 3 waitresses offering beer kegs, milk and appetizers.

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