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Of course Arilon, as the capital of the lands, also houses a bank. You can find it 1E of town center in the southeastern corner. It is run by Urdar and was build underground because of security reasons. Everyone who wants to protect his money from spriggins or other thieves this is the place to go. Every Arilonian and every Clan have their own bank account.

The bank features four such counters with experienced bank employees. You can go to anyone to check your bank account, add more money or get some. The manager in the banks main hall will tell you about the right commands in your language. If you are in a clan you have access to the clans account aswell.

Sadly the bank doesn´t pay any interests and when adding money to your account you have to pay a fee of about 5% (at least 5 coins, the more you add, the lower the fee-percentage is).

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