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These are persons (NPCs) living in the lands of the Arindal who are not bound on a certain location. They have a moreor less important role in the different quests the inhabitants of Arilon have to solve. As they are crucial for the development of all our fate they should be known to everyone.

Name Image Profession Short description Where to find?
Durin Stonemaster Image:Durin.png Stonecutter Redesigned the well in the town centre.
Gustav Image:Gustav.png Ranger & Alchemist Blind, but rich in knowledge he managed to create a potion to cure the infested forest northwest of Arilon. Either in the Swamp or searching for ingredients for potions with his dog Frisko:


Hanashi Image:Hanashi.png Storyteller Writes down tales and tells them to audience. Wants to build a tower.
Horna Image:Horna.png Girl of the people of mariners Was successfully cured from the curse of "psychic agony" from the Arilonians with the help of the Arindal.
Merown Image:Merown.png Mage He is a cunning wizard seeking for control over all the country. Used to live in his hideout south of spriggin woods, but was driven out of there by the Arilonians. See here for more infos.
Norja Image:Norja.png Merchant Can obtain nearly everything if the payment is high enough. Travelling through all the lands.
Patal Image:Patal.png Healer Healer and servant to the elders of Laenume. Helped rescuing Horna. Laenume
Rrohan Image:Rrohan.png Former leader of the robberkyttens The robberkyttens live in the (no longer) infested forest and hunted Arilonians there - as the Arilonians tried to hunt them. Rrohan helped the Arilonians to get in the hideout to get back the stolen instruments of the bards, but because of that he was evicted from the hideout. He now lives with some fellows southwest of the kittyland stairs. Rrohan now lives southwest of the kittyland stairs.
Toral Image:Toral.png Bard Sings and plays songs from and about far away countries. He has some knowledge about curses and illnesses. Everywhere and yet nowhere.
Irina Image:fehlt.png Vampire A mostly helpful person, Irina sometimes appears in dangerous areas and helps rescuing groups that were thought to be lost. In return she bites some of the adventurers and drinks a bit of their blood. Until now there havenĀ“t been any long-time effects of a bite.
Currently she is held prisoner in the sewers (see here).
Prison in sewers
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