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A rank is about the same as a skill point in most other roleplaying games. But this doesn´t really fit to the sense of the word. As Arindal works without any precise numbers, counting your ranks is the only way to know approximately how good you are.

It works like this:

The character talks to one of the trainer, for example Corpus, to get a little stronger and starts his training. After this the character starts hunting mice. After some time (and a lot of mice) you may notice a message like "●Your body feels stronger now." in your infobox to the left. THIS is the message that you´ve just gained a rank. Of course there is another message for every trainer. Most players count their ranks to have control over the orientation of the character. Some people tend to talk of ranks as lessons which is a good point of view aswell.

What should i not do?

Try not to talk about the number of your ranks all the day. No one is interested in the news, that you gained 3 ranks in the past hour. If you don´t get around talking about it, you should try to circumscribe it (like "I´ve already learned 4 lessons from Corpus today."). Rankwhores who boast about their ranks all the day are a pretty big nuisance to those who want to roleplay.

I forgot to count, how many ranks do i have?

See advance of your studies and titles

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