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In Arindal you may hear lots of abbreviations for certain areas or monsters or items which you may not know. This list is designed to help you a little.

3v Three valleys leads to the ponyland, the entrance to the valley is 6W 3N
afk away from keyboard
Bolok Bolok Cougar
brb be right back
c coin(s) (Arindals currency)
Cad Caduceus (3rd circle Healer-item to heal over some distance)
CdtD Club der toten Dichter, Club of the fallen poets
disp dispatch, see experience
dt Dark Tower
dv death vermine
dvc death vermine chamber (located in vermine tree)
e east ; with a number like "3e" it means 3 snells east of town center
exp experience
gk Gedankenkristall, sunstone/thinking crystal
gv giant vermine
gvc giant vermine chamber (located in vermine tree)
haf H├╝tte am Fluss, hut at the river, 7S
has Haus am See, hut at the lake, 9S 1E
hw Herbstwald, autumnwood
hwc He who clicks
ic in character
ig in game
kat Katakomben, catacombs
kill kill, see experience
ldv large death vermine
lv large vermine
mp My pleasure
mt Meditation tower
n North
np no problem
Noid Arachnoid (family of spiders)
o Osten , german for "east"
oc Orga Camp
omw on my way
ooc out of character
pwc Person who clicks
qc queen chamber (in myrm hives)
Rage Rageorga
s South
sb somebody
sf south forest
ss sun stone, see Gk
swc She who clicks
tc town center
tg tree giant
ty thank you
vanq vanquish, see experience
vt vermine tree
w West
xp experience
Zerk Orga-Berserker
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