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The contrast to out of character.

The term "in character" basically stands for "roleplaying". The short form of in character is IC. Those who act strictly IC don´t "have to go afk", but are becomind tired and have to rest a little. If you play IC you really play the person you control and not yourself. To be able to do that you should know who your character is, how he thinks, how he acts in specific situations. Many people associate roleplaying and "staying IC" the use of medievil speech like "Thou shalt stay IC". But this has nothing to do with roleplaying and is not common in Arindal.

You can only play IC if you know the character you control! It can be helpful if you think of a story about the origin of your character. If this tells of a youth as a poor orphan or if you originate from an immensly wealthy tree-household is not that important.

You don´t have to know everything about your own character from the beginning, especially if you don´t know the game or the other players yet. But it helps if you keep some simple things in mind:

  • A fitting name is important! How do you want to roleplay in a medievil world if you are called "Robotman"?
  • Wether your character is highly intelligent or the inside of your head mainly contains a muscle to control your earmovement is something nearly as important. A good indicator for this are the typical clichés according to the different races. Drakh Nor are not known to be brilliant thinkers, Urdar care more about beer and riches and like hanging around in town, drinking and farting and not caring about anyone else. In contrast to that the Elithren always have fashionable clothes and show rather refined manners. Nearly every race has one or several striking habits, it is recommended to have a look on the sources for more information about the race you want to choose (for example the [ official page]). Of course there´s always exceptions from these stereotypes.
  • Does your character talk in the Arilonian language? Or does he have a speech disorder? Poffible if anyfing!

That´s already three simple points that give depth to your character. Of course you may always add more small or distinctive attributes to your character. But don´t overdo it or you may recognize that too many attributes make roleplaying harder again.

The macro archive has several helpful macros which make roleplaying easier. Most helpful may be the socalled "substitution macros" that make a "/action laughs" from a "lol" that you entered.

Playing IC is more fun than to be only a mirror of yourself in a fantasy environment. If you have any questions concerning roleplaying don´t hesitate to ask other players about tips, many of them are great roleplayers and surely will help you.

One final reqest: Not everyone likes playing IC. Sometimes players may take a break and switch from IC to OOC. Some people really dislike people not playing IC, others simply don´t care. You should always keep tolerance for both sides. Often "negative" roleplay isn´t recognised as that what it is. If you consequently play the unfriendly Urdar who tells other not to go on his nerves you may not be liked but some people take it personal. Remember the other one may just play a role! Create a character with strengths and weaknesses and don´t care if others don´t do it. Instead be happy about every other player who play along.

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