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The contrast of in character.

The term "out of character" means that someone leaves his role as a character in the fantasy world Arindal. OOC can mostly be seen when referring to a time. As time in Arindal is about 4 times as fast as in the real life most people use the "real" time without marking it. This is not really hard for dates, as the months and days in arindal have different names, but when someone talks about time frames, like about a certain number of days or weeks, mostly an OOC is added to prevent misunderstandings. Example: "In one ooc week." or "ooc:in a few days", because "in character" in a few days can well be on the same OOC-day, as every day holds 4 IC-days.

Some examples you should avoid as this ooc is generally disapproved:

  • Saying "I need to go afk"(afk= away from keyboard). Your character in Arindal has to keyboard he could go away from! Better give a reason why your charcter is tired and needs a little break.
  • Saying things like "I´ve played yesterday but i went before the quest started...". Your character doesn´t play, he lives in this world! Rather find a reason why your character had to meditate again before a special event happened.
  • Saying things like "Hey, i got a new computer! The game looks much better now."
  • Doing things like "/action cleans his monitor".
  • Saying or yelling "Rank!". Talking too much about ranks all the time is not really liked by the other players.
  • Do not read other peoples ponders! Your character may see, if another if looking thoughtful or smiling when thinking of something funny, but what this other one is pondering only you as a player can see.

In general everything that you do or say which your character normally shouldn´t be able to to or know about is OOC. Sometimes this can´t be avoided (for example when talking about time) but in general you should always try to stay IC. You will soon realise that playing OOC isn´t as much fun and you may disappoint others with it. The GMs try to keep an eye on this issue aswell and may send warnings to you if you overdo your OOC play.

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