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The Orgacamp (commonly called OC) is a big region in the northwest, where recently lots of new parts have been discovered. As the name suggests it is mainly inhabited by Orgas, but they seem to live in peace with lots of different bigger vermines living here aswell. The further you approach in this region the more fearsome Orgas you will encounter. Groups hunting in the Orgacamp mostly meet on the Plateau 6W 10N, as the passage to the Orgacamps lies just 1 mile to the west of there.

This region is one of the most popular hunting grounds, because of the experience fighting these oneyed creatures promises aswell as the chests some of the Orga are carrying around.

The Orgacamp can be devided in normal snells and the socalled Camps, which are basically settlements of the Orga. These are mostly crowded with pretty strong Orga and there seems to be a steady stream of new Orgas coming in.

In Orga Camp 1 you will mainly have to fight Zerks and Zealots. Camp 2 is inhabited by Rages and Orga Spites (?, Trotzorgas), often supported by Furies. All of these can also be found in OC 3, but here they are helped by Warlocks and Hemlocks, who fire blots of lightening on the intruders.

From Camp 3 the narrow stripe of land north of the river can be reached, which leads to the Wyrmcave and the Orga Woods, where one may fight Dredlocks, all the tougher BROs aswell as large death and dark vermines. A magic portal does also lead to this forest, which contains at least 2 more camps.

Close to Camp 1 (best seen on the world map) there is a hidden settlement in the trees called Rashhaka, which the Orga didnĀ“t find yet.

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