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The entrance to the Mines of the Urdar is located in Abandoned Town in the Black Hills. Sometimes the front door is being closed from the Urdar ghosts which results in some work for those who want to enter, as they have to turn the often rusty wheel to get inside.

The first room is inhabited by some Urdar who are skilled in making charcoal, a ladder leads down to the mine shafts. Once a group enters those they should stay close together as spawns here are among the fastest in the world. Groups will encounter numerous Ghosts who goalong with net spiders, wake-me-ups and bolting Bats. Numerous rats make falling a worse idea than it is anyway and the "bolters" require healers who are skilled rodders to help the group survive.

During one of the numerous invasions of the Urdarghosts to town center the Arilonians managed to gather some information from them. Among them the hint that somewhere in the mines the recipe for the production of bombs is hidden,in which mages seem to have a great interest.

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