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You can try out every profession (sometimes called class) before you choose your profession for good. Here you´ll find some facts about the professions which may help you with your choice (abridgements of the official Arindal FAQ).


Fighters are the most powerful class. They deal with all things combat related and gain ranks faster than any other class. However, they don't tend to have very much flashy or special stuff. If you're keen on achieving things, on becoming powerful then you should consider fighter as a class.

Fighters are the personification of pure strength. Neither do they use magic nor do they waste time healing others. They live to fight and defend. To do so they use several weapons and often wear thick armour. They are the only class who concentrates purely on their fighting skills. In most cases it will be a fighter who rescues a whole group with easily keeping a giant monster at bay who would kill everyone else with a single blow.

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Healers are a social class. They deal with helping others. They have a number of relatively powerful abilities to aid them in this. They are very poor at hunting, but can defend themselves if needbe. If you enjoy socializing or helping other people, then you should consider healer as a class.

Healers are caring for the fallen and the wounded. Without them no fighter or mage would dare to leave town center. Even the thought about a beast would make them shake. Healers are inevitable members of every hunting group. They are not very skillful in attacking, but they have a strong defense. They can train a broad variety of skills to enhance their healing skills.

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Mages are a challenging class. They are not powerful, they are poor at all forms of combat and are not at all offensive. They exist to provide an extra challenge if you find healer or fighter too easy. They receive very little or no help and they have a very hard time. However, mages do have a number of special abilities available to them. If you have a lot of time and dedication, and if you enjoy politics, solving problems and puzzles against very high odds for a big feeling of accomplishment after you *finally* complete something, then you should consider mage as a class (otherwise, avoid it like the plague). It is strongly suggested that you have previously played the game as another class, and that you do not have multiple characters to play a mage.

Mages are the searches of and the wanderer on the mystic path of Arindal. They love challenges and their jorney is exactly that. It´s long, troublesome and full of riddles. Mostly their studies concerning the art of magic or science advance only slowly, which is the reason why mages are mostly patient persons. Although they are pretty weak in fighting and have no healing skills, they can open portals to far regions, enhance a group with boosting their abilities and mount magic crystals on the equipment of others. Mages have many skills that help hunting groups and are honoured for their knowledge in lots of different things. They are the class which is propably hardest to play.

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