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Luren - Little tricks you should know

In Arindal you will be quite often confronted with the term "luring". This term stands for a couple of tactics where you try to get the focus of some monsters and make them follow you, for whichever purpose. As you can only lure aggressive beasts its mostly quite easy to draw their attention. You only have to come close to them or maybe try to hit them if they are attacking another player at that moment. Luring is used to bring monsters to a hunting group and kill them or to get rid of annoying (or especially strong) enemies blocking a way or disturbing a healer reviving a fallen. Especially for the second task its useful to know some facts about the surrounding and the monsters chasing you. Therefor this article is mainly written about how to get rid of monsters by luring them away from a certain snell.

Mostly luring is used when a hunting group is facing a huge amount or few, but dangerous monsters in the next snell. In this case a single group member goes into that snell and tries to attract as many critters as the group can handle. Then he crosses back and the group handles those monsters who followed the lurer. This tactic is often the safest (according to others the most boring) tactic when hunting in dangerous territory. The luring is mostly done by a fighter with a good defense or a healer wth good selfheal. This tactic is also good to explore new areas, where scouting may be essential to the survival of the group.

You should always keep in mind that monsters can´t be lured in safes or across territory-borders. Snells without an own spawn or cleared territory is perfect for luring.

  • Snell- or Screencrossing: Crossing a snell is the most common and most effective method to get rid of a pursuer. There are several ways to get closer to your goal, though.
    • Single cross: When crossing a snell you have to think of two things. Firstly that you stop for a moment on the border, before you finally cross it. The disadvantage is the risk of your chasers coming close and maybe biting you. The advantage is that they need a moment to cross the border aswell, so with the right timing of an allowed hit right before crossing a snell the monster may loose interest in you after the crossing because you gained too big a lead. This doesn´t help if you want to get rid of monsters in a snell, though.
    • Multiple crossing: To lure critters away this tactic is way more effective. Basically you run circles, for example first north, then west, south and finally east. Most important is that the monsters actually leave the first snell with you, after that you try to get rid of chasers. Of course you can also run wider circles if you want to prevent critters to follow you into the snell again.
    • Crossing back and forth: Relatively simple is the crossing out of a snell and after that back again. The difficulty here is to time your going back, as you and the monster both need some time until they change the snell. So if you go back to early, the beast may not have crossed yet and won´t anymore. The trick is to go back exactly when the monster appears in the neighbour snell. Unfortunately this onyl works for few critters and not if a snell is totally crowded.
  • Monsterbehaviour: Luring can be successful without knowing a monsters behaviour but is much eaier with it, as you know your risk and can play the monsters off against each other.
  • attacking behaviour: Most creatures in the lands are aggresive, meaning they chase their target and attack it until their prey is dead or they themselves are (or are wounded). But some critters, like ferals, attack with the hit and run-technique. So if you want them to run away, you have to allow them to attack you and them chase them when they run away.
  • Velocity and strength: The knowledge about the different running speeds and the strength of the blows of monsters is very helpful to change the order of the chasing monsters or similar techniques.
  • Luring inside one snell: This is mainly used if a healer is tending a fallen or wounded and there´s another person who tries to attract the monsters intrest, so that they don´t bother the healer and his patient.
  • Creating monster-rows:

Mostly you won´t have the luck (or misfortune in the case of a Bolok or something similar nasty) to be chased by a single monster. In this case you have to consider which creature you would like to have right behind you. Now lets assume you are chased by an Island Panther, a Cugar and a Vermine, in exactly this order. Especially when you are quite new this is not very nice, as the Panther will harry you quite a bit. Concerning the speed the Vermine is faster than yourself, the Panther about your speed and the Cougar slower. But the Vermine won´t be able to overtake the Cougar without help. To get the Vermine right behind you, you have to run sharp turns to one side, so that the Vermine can overtake the Cougar. As the Panther is quite fast you can also try to let him attack you and hope that the others passhim while he stand still. To make this happen you have to change direction right after the bite. If one of these actions was successful, you have the fast, but not very strong Vermine behind you. Of course this will result in the others still being quite close behind the Vermine. SO if you want to prevent this, you can try to get the Cougar behind you, who is slowest and blocks the others (if there aren´t too many) and after that run out of their sight.

  • Use the surroundings: Another tactic in getting rid of creatures within a snell is with using natural obstacles. All aggressive creatures try to reach you the shortest way, no matter if there is something standing in between. If there is a fence, you could for example wait until the creature attacks and while it stands still, chase around the corner to the other side. Most likely the creature will run into the fence when trying to get you instead of choosing the way around the fence aswell.

  • More hints: Now there are some more hints where some people may think "Hey, i already knew all of that!". But as not everything can be seen as granted, here they are anyway.
    • Changing a snell with many pursuers: As the monsters are only aggressive within a certain radius of sight, a long row of monsters won´t completely follow you in another snell.
    • Help, I´m trapped! You should be especially careful not to get trapped (surrounded) by monsters. Especially when trying to lure away lots of monsters from a certain area, this can happen quite fast. The most important rule when being trapped is: Stay calm! Most monsters, like Mice or Vermine change their position every few hits, so that with some patience you will eventually find a gap and escape. Don´t try to hit the monsters, the lowered balance will make you an easy target for the bunch of monsters.
    • With your head through the wall: The direct way is not always best! With the same tricks you use to get rid of monsters, you can easily get in a similar bad position. Rather try to change directions and risk the bite of an Island Panther than to run in the arms of a Bolok Cougar or being stopped by a tree in your way.

If you want to have some more tips and some images, take a look here. Nearly all tactics from CLanLord can be used in Arindal aswell, only the habits of monsters may differ.

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