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The Wasteland is a barren region in the far east. It is accessible through a pass in the mountains in the north of Ursus Woods.

The Wasteland is nearly devided in two halves by a huge gorge, the Canyon running from north to south. A mill at the southern end of the Canyon serves as an entry down in the depth. In the midst of the Canyon brace architects designed a bridge, over which one may cross the gorge to the west.

In the northwest of the Wasteland famous armorers built the city of Dinken, but due to the barren environment the inhabitants were starving for a long time and the fabrication of new weapons only recently began anew, after the Arilonians brought food to the city.

In this meager environment only few animals survive, best adapted are Hyenas, dark vermine and poisonous Raste-Winder, which make life quite hard for unexperienced adventurers.

In the south you will eventually reach a river, which marks a change in the landscape, to the grassy lands south of here. The reason why the inhabitants of the Wastelands donĀ“t dare to go here is simple: the grassland is inhabited by heaps of Arachnoids.

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