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Description: Dinken is a town in the Wasteland and hard to reach. Even in the town itself Hyena or poisonous Raste-Winder (?) are lurking. Only the houses here are safe from creatures, as the inhabitants are mainly strong fighters or adventurers who donĀ“t fear death, but even here sickness and lack of food are taking their toll. Since Quarrion has been overrun by spiders Dinken is lacking periodic food supplies. Therefore the Arilonians helped with quite a huge amount of food, which resulted in several craftsmen recovering enough to build new eapons and armour, but no one knows how long this food will suffice. But Dinken has not yet reached its fame for craft and trade again that once made it one of the cities with the greatest influence.

How to get there: The way here is pretty dangerous. You can get a good idea of the way if you look on the world map. You will find the Wasteland in the east of the map.

Items: Nietenkeule, Oakbasher, Hatchet, Galea, Glas Kuttenschreck (15c), Kokosbusserl (6c)

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