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Trapping is the technique used to kill roaming or pretty big monsters with few to lots of people. Sometimes it may be easier to brick big monsters, though.

The sense of the trp is to make an escape of the enemy impossible and by surrounding him with lots of people tempt the monster to attack lots of different players, which reduces the risk for every single attacker. This results in a loss of balance of the creature which makes it far easier to hit it. ThereĀ“s also a bonus for the group, so the more people surround the monster, te easier it gets.

What should be considered when trapping?

  • If the group consits of less players tahn would be needed to surround the creature, natural obstacles, like walls, can be used to complete the trap.
  • If the group consists of exactly as many people as needed for the trap everyone should be careful with his balance and keep it as high as possible, to place good hits and have a good defense.
  • If the group is way bigger than needed for the trap (not everyone is in range of the monster) those in front should swing as often as possible and then swap places with someone standing behind (either by stepping back or by pulling each other). Those in the back can regenerate their balance.
  • When having established a trap it can be useful to rather risk your own death than to open the trap. This is dependant on the situation, though, and can only be learned by experience.
  • Healers often enhance the chance of survival if they heal from the 2nd row. If the monster is close to death, they can still try to get a hit.
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