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Bricking is something like the opposite technique of Hit & Run and is mostly useful when hunting in groups. It´s related to trapping an enemy.

Bricking is mostly the easiest way to finish a monster. Bricking is done by standing in the enemies way, stopping him and make him attack a single person. This way groups can handle situations with dangerous individual monsters. This way the monster is provoked to lower his balance by constantly battling one person, the brick. This makes him much more vulnerable to attacks. In general there are 2 different ways how this method works:

  • bricking: This can be done if the monster can´t even hit the brick, who in this case is mostly a fighter with lots of balance- and defensetraining. Due to luckhits the fighter won´t be able to brick endlessly without being healed, so sometimes a backup healer for the brick is handy. While the fighter bricks, others can run to the monster, lace a hit and retreat from the monsters ange again, so that his focus remains on the brick. This is the best method to fight bigger monsters, but for this you need strong fighters and preferably a monster that doesn´t roam after some hits.
  • rodding: This is quite much the same technique, but s used, if noone has a defense strong enough to evade most hits. In this case a person with preferably good health and some Esprittraining tries to get in the monsters focus. He then takes the hits and is constantly healed from one or several healers standing behind him. The other group members still try to hit the monster and retreat after each swing. This tactic is especially useful when fighting monsters firing bolts of lighting, as no one can evade them.

Normally it is considered nice to let the brick and the backup healers try to place a hit, when the monsters is nearing an end.

Usually this tactic doesn´t make much sense if the enemy is roaming around all the time, you should trap those instead.

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