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The Tower

The meditation tower was put up 1S of town center. Every Arilonian should end his day in the top of this building and not simply sleep somewhere else. With the soothing atmosphere surrounding you, you learn even when meditating here, so that people who have to sleep for a long time still gain experience.

The tower is commonly called mt.

The ground floor

Jutta After a long meditation lots of knowledge is floating around in your mind. If you wait until it turns into ranks can take quite a while. To shorten this time drastically, you can talk to Jutta. She can give you up to 10 ranks at once without any time of waiting. The disadvantage is, that no one is sure, how many ranks exactly you just gained, so if you want to keep track of them, you better not talk to Jutta. Image:jutta.gif
Silla Image:silla.gif Silla can tell you how far you progressed on the way to your next rank. Depending on the advance of your studies you get another message. If you donĀ“t want to run to the meditation tower from your nice place in town center you can also talk to Notitia, who has a hut in tc.

The upper storey

If you take the stairs up here you will be in the meditation room. With the command "/sleep" you start your meditation and gather experience all the time you are away.

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