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The south forest is exactly what the name suggests, a forest south of town center. The first trees of it grow about 4 miles south, the forest itself is quite large, about 6 times 6 snells. It is a popular hunting ground for young and old, where a huge variety of vermines and cougars can be encountered. On rare ocasions one may also meet wood dragons or Wendeckas.

The forest is devided in two halves by the river Fenith, which flows out of town center straight south to the Inayus. To the east a small rocky chain marks the border of the forest, to the south it is the beach, to the west it is the swamp. There are also 2 artificial holes through which one may enter the sunken forest.

Important places are Vethas hut, the hut at the river (HAF) and the house at the lake (HAS) or the healerhut.

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