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The Niamph-area is located south of Arilon. You can reach it by crossing the socalled Niamphcave 11S 3E and the bridge to the south. The architects of the bridge are unknown, but building it must have been quite a challenge, as it is about 3 miles long. Once you crossed the bridge, you stand on a high plateau, on of a total of 3 different areas down here:

  • High Niamph Plateaus: This is the first area and is inhabited by green Niamphspiders. With some luck and skill you may be able to cut off their complete legs, the green spiderlegs. In a safe here you can buy lemon meringue (?).
  • Gorillajungle: At one spot wild lianae serve as a comfortable way from the high plateaus down into the jungle and back up. Down here only some small Niamph spiders live, but the main danger comes from Gorillas and Niamph cobras, which makes this area a hunting ground for more experienced groups. In one of the safes down here one may trade 5 Kajmanohides for 1 [[green vial. One of the huts in the village in the west of the jungle can be entered for a bottle of black dye, but no one has done so yet.
  • Niamphjungle: This jungle (sometimes also called Niamphhorses) is propably the most popular of the 3 hunting grounds. The wild horses have valuable fur and some of them even drop horse leather which is always in high demand. In the south, protected by a stone-wall, you can discover Kylä Heronen, where you can buy a Cad. In the west there´s a way still blocked by trees, neither Arilonians nor storms could remove that barrier yet.
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