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Merown, a mighty wizard and an evil inhabitant of the lands, wants to achieve the dominion over the world. After his laboratory in vermine tree was discovered and destroyed the Arilonians discovered an ever greater hide of Merown in the south of the Forgotten Woods.

His hiding-place is located at the southern cliffs, which can be reached from the south of Forgotten Woods. It consists of the following parts:

  • southern cliffs: a narrow, foggy way forming a roundway to and from Forgotten Woods and to the Plateau. If you don´t watch your step you will tumble to death and land either in the Noidcave or in a place in Spriggin Woods. It is protected mainly by Orgas.
  • Plateau: on the plateau, which can be reached when heading east on the cliffs, is the basement of four strange looking towers and the rock, into which the main headquarter is carved. It is protected by stronger Orgas and death vermines.
  • the Towers: To be able to enter the towers, the door has to be unlocked by someone holding an orga eye in his hand. The inside is protected by really strong orgas and large death vermines and before they were stormed were filled with deadly monoliths. The main chambers at the top are closed with a big wheel and were once protected by big black orgas.
  • the Headquarter: The Headquarter is exactly what someone would expect of a wizard. It´s filled with traps and secret passwords, you can´t even enter it without knowing the first one. Inside, telling the wrong password will be leathal, btu those who concentrate on this may be overwhelmed by lots of Orga-Dredlocks and large death vermine.
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