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This tactic should be used in unknown or dangerous regions to ensure the groups survival.

Scounting means one member of the hunting group goes alone into the next snell. This person should either be a fighter with good defense or a healer with good selfheal. This scout should now have a short look whats in this snell. If possible this should not be the leader of the hunting group, as the group would be headless, if he dies in the other snell. Most important is to make sure, who is supposed to scout, as a simple command like "scout!" will result in everyone wanting to do this.

If there is no immediate danger to the group, he can give a sign, like a think with "clear" or something similar. SHould the scout encounter acute danger he should retreat as fast as possible. If he´s back at the group controlled luring should be started.

This way a group will survive pretty long even in dangerous areas, as there won´t be a bad surprise waiting in the next snell.

Some comments on group behaviour on dangerous hunts

  • If the leader of the group selects someone else than yourself to scout, you should respect this, even if you think you could do this better. Mostly the leader thought well about his decision.
  • It is always better to ask the leader if you should scout instead of just doing it. A short quesion like "Scouting?" or "Should i check the next snell?" is sufficient.
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