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Description: Kabana was built in a little niche in the rocks restricting the jungle. Life in Kabana is pretty idyllic and quiet. If you plan to go on vacation, Kabana should be on top of your list.

The inhabitants are very close to nature, especially Förwar'taen. He is not only very interested in the jungle but was also very helpful, when the trees in the Infested forest began to die.

If you keep your eyes open the way to Kabana should be quite easy.

How to get there: Travel 12W 1S 1E

Items: Pumpkinjuice (15c), Bottle with white wine (80c), darkgreen shoes (380c), light pink (69c) and light green (18c) belt, Glas Dschungelfieber (15c)

Trainer: 2nd circle Healertrainer Valens, Tooltrainer Oronar

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