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Description: The Vermine den, which is commonly known as vermine tree or just vt is a huge underground area under the southern Infested forest and is a popular hunting ground for young and old. It cosits of the following areas:

  • vte (vermine tree east): The entrance is located 3W 2N from town and is suitable for even the youngest adventurers. Here they can gather rather easily vermine tails as only few larger vermines can be found in this part.

  • vtw (vermine tree west): The entrance to this part is in a group of trees 4W 2N. It is a little more dangerous as the eastern part, as the ladder down leads directly in the main chamber of this area, which is more often filled with large or giant vermines.

  • vtn (vermine tree north): The northern part can be reached from both the eastern and the western chamber. Whereas most parts of this chamber are about as dangerous as the previous, the north of this chamber often produces huge spawns of large and giant vermines, which is quite challenging to younger adventurers. It also marks the entrance to the GVC.

  • gvc (giant vermin chamber): This biggest chamber in the first level can result in the death of even quite experienced adventurers. Noumerous large and giant vermines surround everyone entering the chamber, sometimes even death- or dark-vermine can be found here. In the west of this chamber is a safe, where one may buy an orange shirt. A ladder reaches down from the GVC to the levels below.

  • dvc (death vermin chamber): This chamber can be reached from the western vermine tree. In most cases it is filled with deathvermine as its name suggests. Younger adventurers often land here by accident and mostly have to hope for more experienced players to get them out of this deadly area.

  • second level: The second level is inhabited by stronger, vicious vermines. It consits of several chambers much like the uppder part, but features more chambers which inhabite deathvermine and often even a vicious pink vermine, which can kill entire groups. In a safe one may purchase a darkblue belt.

Map: Ziata has made this beautiful map of the vermine tree

A rough map of the 2nd level: (RDVC means Pink-DVC) Image:2ndVT.png

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