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The farmland is the area surrounding Arilon. It reaches about 3 miles to the south, 2-3 miles to the Infested Forest in the west, 2 miles to the Howling Woods to the north and up to the rock wall in the east. Uncountable meadows, fields, huts and wells are scattered over this area. Only quite harmless monsters live this close to town, like mice, vermine, locusts and giant slugs. Younger adventurers should be careful not to fall in one of the many wells, some are to slippery to climb out again and you have to find to another exit first.

Prominent places: In the east you can find the residential area of the Arilonians (1E 2N), northeast of there is the entrance to the graveyard. From the passage 4E 3N you can reach all the regions in the northeast of Arilon.

In the south you can find the spiderwell 2S and west of there the bakery and the wedding shop.

2 miles west of Arilon you can enter a myrmhive, 3W 2N is one entrance to the famous vermine tree.

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