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Description: The Crocodilevalley is a popular place for everyone, who is looking for pieces of ore. In this stony desert it quite hard to find the ore between all the normal stones, but skilled searchers know where to look. The huge amounts of Crocodiles are not very helpful, either, although you get a piece of ore for each 5 Crocodile-hides in the Urdarvillage at the river. Those too weak or too weary to fight the crocodiles may simply outrun them, as they are not especially fast.

The mentioned Urdarvillage can be found at the western river flowing through this area. The Urdar have build several underground-housings to live here safely.

Items: Keg of Urdarbeer, some peanuts

Trader: 1 ore for 5 crocodilehides

Trainer: Skalio

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